The article on the reading response for the sonnets Ted Berrigan, reports that Ted is a poet born of working-class parents in the year 1934 within the Providence that is Rhode Island. Further, the articles record that Ted initially attended a Catholic academy within the Providence after which he was admitted to the Army that saw him find a new life out of the Providence as suggested by the parents. This article, therefore, seeks to provide reaction to the written article in line with my thoughts after reading the sonnets.

To begin with, the author wish to express the change that take place as far as time is concerned. The sonnets written down by Ted expresses changes in time that are the past, present, and the future. The past time records the life he had at the places he visited and various encounter he had with the residents as well as specific individuals. The article records that Ted was in Tulsa where he met personalities like Dick Gallup and Ron Padgett from which he got insight from among others hence started venturing into writing.

In addition, the sonnets show the transition of the life, Ted, since initially he was a writer of a poet like A Life for My love to writing a sonnet that has remained as well as characterized his life due to nature of his sonnet. His type of sonnet was unique as well due to the many punctuations like commas and full stops among others. Like in the Sonnet II Ted still talk about change in time as the theme. The first give the time that the letter is written to be in the morning hours that give as a flash into the future death of the poet.

Similarly, some of the sonnets were written in a vulgar language concerning Sonnet II where the text is directed to Margie. Further, it can be realized that Ted also embraced fidelity as far as his writing ideas are concerned. This gives the reason as to why most of Ted sonnet is still respected due to the present times long after his death. Ted’s sonnet is marked by wisdom as well humor that keeps the readers alert. The wordings of most of the sonnet are full of fun hence the captivation of the readers of Ted’s sonnet. This musicality that is assumed by Ted’s sonnets also creates the originality of his sonnets hence distinguishes it from other authors. In conclusion, Ted sonnets are remarkable and original to other authors sonnets.

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Berrigan, T. (2005). The collected poems of Ted Berrigan. Univ of California Press.