Effective leadership Assignment

Leadership is the ability of a person to guide a team towards achieving a leader’s vision. An effective leader must have specific leadership attributes and skills to handle issues affecting the team. Leadership is a process that has to be learned. Top officials having the ability to perform things is not everything. Leaders must decide to change their behavior, that has to be learned and adopted. Therefore, the leadership process through learning usually involves accepting new behavior and the use of different means of communication.

In addition, to be an effective leader, one must be able to perform a self-evaluation process effectively. A leader needs to view their behavior objectively. It will allow the leader to make critical and individual-based choices relating to people that they guide (HANINE & Nita, 2019). That said, the leadership style that reflects me is transformational leadership. It involves inspiring the team to innovate and create a change that will aid them in growing and define the future success of the organization. It is the most effective for my work settings because it allows me to relate well with my team.

I can use communication tools such as Monday.com, slack, and Gmelius. Monday.com is an easy to learn tool for team collaboration. Its communication features include the ability to upload and attach files on task boards, comment, and highlight teammates (Rutledge, 2015). Slack is a communication tool that is developed around the text in threads around and channels. It is used to arrange the conversation in a thread. Gmelius allows the teams to communicate on projects without leaving their inbox. Thus, to be an effective leader, one must learn how to use these communication tools.


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