Lack of demand for smart guns is due to the safety features of the guns. The smart guns have been manufactured with detectors for fingerprints hence can only be activated as well as operated by only an authorized user. This makes the demand to be at a lower level because the users feel that such technology used on the firearm is very extreme (Creswell).

Similarly, a hindrance to creating a market in smart is the idea of much control over the gun usage has also contributed to low demand. In a time of war or emergency, one may not use the smart gun to protect the user in case the user is under thread as he or she is unable to operate the smart gun. This makes socially unfriendly firearm to attract a large number of gun operators and security firms across the United States of America and other countries (

I would explain to someone why some people and organizations do not invest in gun stocks because the market demand is low. This is because guns are firearms that only authorized persons should use legally. In most cases a larger majority in every country would wish to gain access to illegal firearms. In the case of smart guns, it also becomes difficult to operate them illegal by the unauthorized individuals hence their law demand of the guns. Additionally, gun acquisition involves a processes and authorization to the person using the guns come from the security departments, and since the process is not an easy one, most people as well as organizations, therefore, do not invest in gun stocks.

Question two

Regarding the discussion how people seem to use the information about gun-related deaths, smart gun technology seems to be a solution to death that results from gun violence as argued out by President (Creswell). He further argues that just as people can use fingerprints to unlock their mobile phones, they should use embrace the use of smart guns to discourage the unauthorized persons from using guns leading to gun related violence on innocent citizens.

For those who are against the use of smart guns argue that it will not be an of good to be used by security agents towards protection of the United States. They further argue that the smart gun purchase will only benefit the manufacturers instead of protection purpose because firearms in the security department can be used by any officer for security purposes but the smart gun, its use is restricted making it difficult to be used by the security agents. The article further says that to stop the gun-related violence, the rules regarding the use and position of firearms should be implemented. With the rules implemented such as in the New Jersey and New York, where such cases have reduced due to strict rules enacted to governs the gun use (

Finally, more research is to be undertaken as directed by President Obama regarding the use and control of firearm and how well the technology of the smart guns’ gun be improved to control gun related violence within the stated(Creswell). The manufacturers of smart guns believe that gun-related violence can only be controlled by embracing the use of smart guns, but other security agents such as the forces see some difficulties

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