Conflict resolution

Conflict resolution from time to time calls for more skills to be employed as a pacemaker in the process of finding a sincere lasting solution as well as rebuilding the original friendship and trust. In the life of human beings conflict arises from various corners of our life experiences and family issues, friends and well as religious issues are just but a few source of conflicts that require quick resolution by peacemakers who are inspired by God. Family system in this context defines members of a congregation who worship and praise their God together and as it is known; it is in such groups that conflict may arise.

In my opinion, whenever family members disagree and may wish like calling for a separation, what I have seen done in such scenario is requesting for help from peacemakers who are not only skilled but also inspired to listen and rebuild the friendship between the warring parties. It is quite clear from the class sessions that families may disagree with the type of leadership, decision-making process as well as unique behaviors of one or more of the members. When such happen, separation is not the only solution for progress, a lasting solution can be reached by peacemakers.

As Christians in the family life and at the centers where we congregate, we should be the light to others in conflict, and as advised in previous sessions, that a peace maker pays more attention to the parties in conflict because from being a good listener we can make an informed decision at all-time and the end of it all, a lasting solution will be found. In the family conflict, the parties are always furious and their hearts are wounded and in cases whereby the peacemaker does not pay attention to the parties, violence is the end products of such disagreement.

 A Christian minded peacemakers, in my opinion, will do more good than one who uses only personal ideas. The Christian Peacemakers will always bring the parties together to understanding. This is because a peacemaker will listen hence initiating understanding and when they decide to speak to the parties in conflict after listening to their share of stories, they will do so with truth and love, and this is not achieved without employing great imagination.

A pacemaker in making a decision should draw his or her ideas from relational skills as well as use of theology to know that even the Holly Bible encourage us to do more listening, and that is why we are endowed with two ears to listen and internalize more and eyes to make us attentive hence the ability to address the issues to completion. Further, our hearts express the empathy in that we should learn to forgive those who wrong us even in the families because forgiveness is key in conflict resolution in families.

In finding a lasting solution, the pacemakers should be asking questions to get to the bottom of the problem and making a should decision will require us as the pacemakers to speak with the truth and love. Jesus Christ loved us all that He was more than willing to die on the cross to save us from sin so who are we in the families not to hear one another out and forgive them the pain they have caused us. Therefore, forgiveness is a gift we always give ourselves as well as a decision we make to towards finding a lasting solution to solving the conflict. In the long run, we will be accomplishing God’s purpose of being His children in us every passing day knowing that love of our neighbors surpasses all odds.


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