Briefly, describe what you see Anthropology be?

Anthropology, as described, is the study that entails the understanding of human groups as well as the human culture in border terms. Further, it looks into both the past and present lives of the human beings as well as bring the understanding of the various aspect of human experience in their respective environments. This can sometimes be referred to as holism. In understanding their past, anthropology ventures into archeology thus examines what was much important to human lives, as well as their health, diet and genetics among others. In addition, the way people could meet their needs for food, water and companionship differs the importance of anthropology hence.

What are the four main areas of Anthropology?

    To cover anthropology in details it has been categorized in the form of Linguistic Anthropology, Archeology, cultural anthropology and biological anthropology. Further, archeology looks into the human culture as a way of life both in the past and present, while biological anthropology looks into how the human being have as well as can adapt to different kinds of environments around the world. On the other hand, try to explore how people in various environment live as well as understand the world around them. Finally, linguistic Anthropology finds out as well as explain how people communicate and the languages in use.

About Anthropology why do you think the “Catman” did this to himself?

    “Catman” was amazed by the diversity of human beings as well as the evolution the human has undergone ever since the time immemorial. The research in anthropology brought the understanding why human communicate the way they do, how they adapt to the distinct environment as well as their diet and culture within a given environment. The research enabled “Catman” understand the lives that the ancient beings led in the past.

Section two

List some of the positive and negative influences on Emirate culture from the “West” that are discussed in the articles.

From the articles, the entry and influence of the western countries into the United Arab Emirates has brought with it both positive and negative impacts to the locals as well as the economic development of the nations. The effects are as follows.

Positive effectsNegative effects
One is lifting the level of education within the UAE countries. Initially, the level of education in Emirates was very law and the population had little technological knowhow, but entry of the Wests has been of importance as learning institution have been set up to educate the population as well as experts now educate the population hence improvement of academic standards in Emirates. Entry of the west into UAE has led to diversity of the locals such as the Emiratis. The people now learn different languages as opposed to only Arabic hence enabling them able to work and communicate at local levels as well as internationally. The new skills learned from the westerners has enabled the locals to upgrade their living standers as well as bring acceptance across the globe. This has further led to civil and societal development leading to the change of the face off the communities for the better hence increased adoptability to a range of environments. In addition, the entry of the westerners to UAE has led to economic development, various transaction is taking place across the country making Dubai a business hub where various merchandise is available for consumption.On the other hand, the entry of the west has led to decline of the population of the local Emiratis. As the population of the West increases as well as occupying the better parts of the nation, the population percentage of the Emiratis declined to a point of only 11 percent of the of the total population are Emiratis. This has for sure lead to what is called demographic imbalance. Secondly, social-cultural dimensions are also of concern. The entry of the west into UAE has influence the culture of the locals to change drastically including the languages used as new forms of communication has set in leading to degradation and erosion of the culture as well as the life of the people of the. UAE. The article further reports that the national language has currently been replaced by other languages as a result of entry of the west. Further, the tribal life of the country as confirmed by professor Greason has been replaced modern life hence loss of identity. Initially, the country experienced the nomadic life but after the entry of the westerners this changed to a more diverse lifestyle

Do you believe that emirate culture is “evolving” or is “in crisis”?

The Emirates culture is in crises according to the two articles. Initially, the only known religion that existed was Islamic, but currently, more churches are coming up thanks to the entry of the westerners. This has led to a point of confusion as to what religion best fits the UAE as the youth try to get their identity. In addition, the new education system has changed drastically to a more comprehensive academic standard as the learners are taught new languages as opposed to the Arabic language that is the national language. This diversity is slowly diluting the Emirate culture into a crisis rather than developing it.

 “The national language as reported has been replaced in the case of the UAE country with other languages.  The question is how would a generation that hasn’t learned its mother tongue have a sense of belonging?” Do you agree? Disagree?

    Yes, I accept this is because as the young generation undertake their learning activities, they are introduced to other languages such as English and French leading to a generation that understand the foreign language more than the national language which is Arabic. Without the national language as well as the mother tongue, will have no sense of belonging hence a lost identity. The new languages erode the culture of the Emirates hence bringing more confusion to the youth as to what culture is recommended.

Do you think that the UAE is a “mosaic” or a “melting pot”?

    In my opinion, I think that UAE is a “Mosaic” meaning the existence of a multicultural community as a unit. This is what the UAE is as a country as opposed to melting pot because due to the decline of the percentage of Emiratis means that the number of foreigners is increasingly occupying the nation and as they come they influence the culture making a more mosaic than a melting point culture. This defines the kind of cultural combination within the UAE as it will be majorly be occupied by foreigners rather than the locals even in the time to come. In conclusion, UAE will adopt a mosaic culture.

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