Article Reviews of the Validity of Gun Laws

State gun laws as reported, vary from one state to another across the United States of America, and these laws control the use of ammunitions as well as firearms. This papers will be, therefore, major of article review to expound on states with strict versus those states with open carry gun laws. In addition, the article to be reviewed will cover how the gun laws in those states affects gun violence in the state.

The first article is an article written by William J. Vizzard on “the current as well as the future state of gun policy in the United States.” It was published in the year 2015 and printed as volume one hundred and four and as the fourth in that row. The article was also written as the journal of criminal law and criminology at the Northwestern University School of Law in the United States.

The problem

The problem, as stated in the article, is to provide the current as well as the future condition of gun policy in the United States of America. It was well articulated, and the reason as to why William chose to this research was because of the ever growing number of a number of death cases resulting from gun violence in the United States. This makes it convincing because statistics in the recent years show the rise in gun-related violence across the United States.

Literature review

The author begins by exposing the onset of gun laws in the United States by citing that it was after the assassination of Robert and John Kennedy and Martin Luther resulting in the formation of Gun Control Act of 1968. This was after the first incidence in the 1930s whereby the administration of Roosevelt enacted two federal statutes that prohibited the use of unlicensed guns around the states. This law including the Firearms Owners Protection Act that was formed in 1986 has contributed to the current gun laws that control the use of firearms.

The article acknowledges that the California state has the strictest gun laws whereby the law does not allow for open carry of guns and in the case of purchase of the guns, one must register the guns as the serial numbers as well as sales are recorded by the state within the department of justice. It is under the long guns that require no registration within the California State under use of assault weapon the California State prohibits the usage as well as possession, importation as well as its purchase.

As opposed to Pennsylvania State, open carry of guns is permitted as those who are licensed allowed to carry their guns even to the public. The state of Pennsylvania further takes no action on registration of both long and handguns. The buyers only have to undergo thorough check taking place at the point of sale. Hence, they are issued with permission to carry guns around.

Study design

William adopted the use of randomized sample whereby he made use of all relevant studies carried in previous years in gun laws. The conducted questionnaire as well as an interview with the department of departments of justice and to the police who to whose custody there were gun related cases recorded. The date used were relevant to the topic of discussion hence helped the author arrive at a meaningful conclusion.


From the study, William establishes that the number of gun-related violence is higher in states like in California as opposed to areas such as Pennsylvania. To his finding, he states this reason is due to the number of people owning guns in the California States which are higher leading to more gun violence. He also found that even though California present tough and strict gun laws it also presents the highest numbers of gun related violence. States like Pennsylvania have laws on guns, their usage, and control but the number of gun users are not as many as California hence the number of gun related violence.

Second Article

The problem

This is an article written in collaboration with three researchers; that is John S. Vernick, Daniel W. Webster, and Katherine A. Vittes. The key issues that the article addressed are the “The Legal status and source of offenders’ firearms in states as well as the least stringent criteria for gun ownership. This article was published on 1st June 2012 as volume nineteen, issue one. To arrive at the key question as a guidance to the research study, the authors justified their study due to flawed gun laws in other states with the relaxed legal system on gun usage and control.

Literature review

The authors begin by reporting that gun possession by a various high-risk individual is a real threat to the entire population of the United States. There are various states of the weak justice system on gun possession whereby other citizens gain possession of guns and use the to commit the crime of various degrees across the states. They may kill, commit robbery as well as felonies of various forms making the life of people who cannot protect themselves using the guns unboreable. The authors analyze too certain states with open carry of guns and just to name but a few, Rhode Island, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Ohio among other. This causes more fear to the public leading to common usage of a firearm for self-defense.

Study design

The data was obtained from a national survey of the state prison inmates whereby calculation of the probability of crime commits by thirteen states was done. These were states with the least strict purchase of firearms and possession laws. The authors explain further that the guns in the hands of the citizens could have been withdrawn just in case these states had strict gun laws.


The research found that states such as Rhode Island had weak gun laws hence three out of gun offender were in possession of illegal guns but were it that the state laws were strict on gun possession, and then such crimes could not have been committed. In addition, states with strict gun possession law such as Texas, gun violence cases were low as compared to states like Rhode Island that cases were high. Due to weak laws on gun possession in these countries, criminals take advantage of the situations and harm others with guns in the process of committing crimes such as robbery.


A recommendation from the authors is that strict gun possession laws should be adhered to in every American State to prevent rogue individuals from gaining access to guns making it easy to prevent certain gun-related violence across the states. In addition, the authors recommended that guns should be register and persons who possess a firearm should be known to the State of a way of containing gun related crimes as well as help in bringing the offenders to justice


Vittes, Katherine A., Jon S. Vernick, and Daniel W. Webster. “Legal status and source of offenders’ firearms in states with the least stringent criteria for gun ownership.” Injury Prevention 19.1 (2013): 26-31.

Vizzard, William J. “Current and Future State of Gun Policy in the United States, The.” J. Crim. L. & Criminology 104 (2014): 879.