When Life Gives You Lemons

This assignment is a hands-on approach to life span and development. It is a celebration of strength, tenacity,
resilience, and plasticity. It will integrate the different domains that make up our growth and development and
show us how they are forever intertwined.
Write about one (1) significant negative experience in your life that resulted in positive growth for you.
By growth, I am referring specifically to growth in the 3 domains: socioemotional, biological, and cognitive.
In your essay, explain how you grew and developed from each of these domains as a result of this 1 particular
experience. Explain in detail and by using actual examples of how it altered you. Explain and give specific
examples to indicate how you grew in each domain.
Stay within your comfort zone.
Use one paragraph per domain and don’t forget your introductory paragraph and conclusion.
Underline each domain in each paragraph.
Font 12, Times New Roman, double space, standard margin – Word or RTF document only.

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