“How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life” by Jon Ronson (posted on FOL)

This assignment is based on the article “How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life” by Jon Ronson (posted on FOL). Read the article carefully, and complete your assignment according to the specifications below.

Submit your finished case study to the FOL submissions dropbox where it will undergo plagiarism checking. Use the folder labelled “Case Study.”

Format your assignment as a professional memo addressed to me, Cleito David. Include the following sections in your finished case study:

In your own words, summarize what the article is about. Explain what individuals are involved and what has happened that is of interest or concern. Do not try to provide every detail. Rather, summarize the main idea of the article as you would for someone who has not yet read it. Be objective and stick to the facts.

Describe what you see to be the primary problem in the case. What type of problem is it? What is the argument of the author, Jon Ronson?

For your concluding ideas, you should consider the following questions:
1) Who or what do you believe is most to blame for what happens to the individuals featured in the article? Did they deserve what happened to them?
2) What does the article reveal about our society’s fascination with publicly shaming individuals?
3) How do present shaming practices compare to those of the past?
4) Can this sort of public shaming be used for productive as well as destructive ends? If so, how?
Remember to provide reasons to support your answers

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