Applying Ethnic Studies

write an “Applying Ethnic Studies” essay in which you translate course content including theories, specific examples from lectures, and ways of approaching education (e.g., what topics are (not) taught in K-12 education, what’s considered to be legitimate knowledge, how this class is designed) to specific things you aim to do such as ideas you plan to explore further, things you want to teach to others, actions you want to take, or approaches you plan to employ when you encounter racism or other -isms. Note that vague comments such as “I’m going to be more aware of _” will not suffice for purposes of this assignment, as the intent is to reflect on specific actions or goals. Here are a few ideas of the sorts of things you might write about:

  • future coursework or training you plan to pursue (in addition to formal opportunities that are actually called “training,” consider actions like attending certain types of events or reading about particular topics)
  • what you think you’ll do the next time you encounter __ (the blank is intended to reference major ideas from the class. Some are negative such as overt and covert racism, settler colonialism, audism, and anti-blackness, but please also consider positive things such as reclamation, resurgence, and resistance)
  • ways you intend to approach public policy, whether through civic actions such as voting or engaging with elected representatives, or through more direct policy work
  • how you’re going to (not) use language, or how you will socialize others, such as current or future peers and family members, to use language
  • how you will guide others to approach topics in race and ethnicity (be sure that if you write about this, you do so in a way that references specific course content)

Paper specifics: Beyond the clear heading as specified above, you may structure the essay as you wish (reflection essay, letter, blog entry, poem, etc.) but in addition to a general requirement of integrating topics from course lectures, readings, and discussions, there are two specific requirements regarding what to include:

  • you must integrate and correctly cite at least one, ideally more, of the readings assigned during Weeks 7–9
  • you must integrate specific material from at least one of the guest lectures that occurred during Weeks 7–9

NOTE: Readings for weeks 7-9 are uploaded
NOTE: For the one guest lecture, include information from the video in the link below and mention the guest name ‘Irum Shiekh’ in theiqure at some point.

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