Women & Gender

Approx 1000 words, 12pt Times New Roman, double space, standard margins, APA, in-text citations, reference page and must incorporate relevant concepts and theories from the chapters in the attached document.

Refer to specific authors, specific readings, and specific concepts from the assigned readings in this unit.

Please note that the Grusky and Hill book is an edited volume. You should cite and reference the authors of the chapters, rather than the editors of the volume.

Please number the responses 1-3 and organize the essay into paragraphs.

Essay Instructions!!!

1) Using a maximum of two sentences, state the main idea or the thesis driving the above documentary.

2) Briefly summarize the documentary. What evidence is used to support the theories/arguments put forth? In other words, discuss the arguments put forth using the language and main concepts from the documentary. Explain with specific examples.

3) How did the documentary relate to material covered to the attached reading? Explain how the ideas from the documentary connect to ideas and theories in reading. Be sure you make specific references to authors, concepts, and theories from the attached reading. You must incorporate at least 5 of the chapters from the attachment.  So it will be 5 sources from the same book since you will be citing the chapter’s authors.


Grusky, D., & Hill, J. (2018). Inequality in the 21st century: A reader. Routledge.

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