Structural Fire Case Study

Understanding the importance of how fire investigation leads to identifying the cause and origin of a fire is vital in aiding the fire prevention bureau in the design and implementation of any fire prevention program.
Review the data compiled by the NFPA related to structural fire causes:
Campbell, R. (2017). Intentional fires. Retrieved from
Read Section One (attached document Campbell 2017), “Intentional Structural Fires,” and choose any two structural fire causes that you think are relevant to and/or currently problematic in your community or jurisdiction. For each cause, include the information listed below.

  • Explain whether the cause would indicate a primarily individual or community risk.
  • Identify who you would target with a relevant fire safety education program and how a cause-and-origin investigation is used to determine this.
  • Recall how you would use the five-step model to compose the fire safety education program.
  • Write one measurable, actionable fire prevention objective for this program.
  • Briefly describe the fire prevention message you would try to deliver to this audience.
  • Identify the groups in the community that could be helpful or involved in message delivery.
  • Briefly explain how you could evaluate this program’s effectiveness.

shouiquld use at least two sources

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