Subject pedagogy

It’s a critical essay about how sentence builders can be used to present new language (according to Gianfranco
Conti) in French in this case because I’m teaching MFL French and Spanish and critically evaluate my subject
knowledge breadth and depth against relevant curricula and specification content. critique the pedagogy behind
this maybe compare it to Rosenshine.. Also talk about pedagogical content knowledge and technological
pedagogical content knowledge
Critically reconceptualises existing subject knowledge (in this case teaching French to year 7 and year 8 students
at Carleton Pontefract highschool remotely using google classroom) to engage with subject specific issues,
concepts and skills in order to apply to planning, teaching, learning and assessment;
-Critically analyse learning and teaching in your subject within classrooms and other learning environments,
taking into account individual learner needs, context and research in order to develop subject pedagogy;
Critically select from a variety of effective strategies for teaching and assessment in your subject.
Critically situate yourself as a subject specialist teacher in a range of classroom contexts, including remote
I include examples of assignments written but students , reading lists, reading materials etc
I will be doing the lesson planning and appendix so I just need the critical essay written
Needs to have 10 citations
The essay needs 8 references or more
Need pages numbered, double spacing

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