Information Systems and Your Career

Assignment: Read CH-1 Learning Track 2 – Information Systems and Your Career (provided in eLearning). Upon reading, review the questions below. Provide a response for each question. Each response should be between 200-300 words. Submit your assignment in eLearning as an attachment, either a .docx or .pdf file.


  1. How does knowledge of management information systems affect you and your career potential?
  2. Visit a job posting web site such as Look at various jobs in your chosen degree field (e.g. accounting, finance, sales, management information systems, etc.). Find two or three descriptions of jobs that require some information systems knowledge.
    a. What information systems knowledge and skills do these jobs require? (Include a link to two job descriptions you found).
    b. What do you need to do to prepare for these jobs?
  3. How has technology affected your chosen degree field over the pasts 5 years?
  4. Provide an example of how mobile digital devices have impacted business process in your area of interest or how they have impacted your own day to day activities.

Grading Criteria: Your assignment will be assessed using the following criteria.
• Content: the writing showed that you understood the questions the instructor asked, you have delivered a well-written response. You have adequately answered each question.
• Instructions: you followed all the instructions.
• Formatting: the document is professional and formatted correctly. The assignment will specify the accepted length of the paper. You should always include your name on the assignment as well as the title of the assignment.
• Citations and References: If you used external references, the full reference is in the proper format with the necessary information. You cited those references appropriately within the content of your paper. If you use external references, you MUST include the full reference. You also need to cite the source within your paper. For citations, you can either directly quote the source when the author has something profound to say or you can reword the information from the source when the author has a unique idea. In either case, give credit to the author for the quotation or the unique idea but the bulk of your paper should be you expounding on the author’s ideas with your own words and ideas. Do not over-cite your paper. You should research the topic, process the information you learn, present your response to the assignment in your own words, and support that response with citations from your sources. Do not cite every sentence/paragraph of your assignment.
• Spelling and Grammar: there are few or no spelling or grammar errors. Everyone makes mistakes; therefore, you will receive full points if there are minimal spelling and grammar errors. Use correct spelling and grammar. The instructor does check for spelling and grammatical errors. The instructor will not correct spelling and grammar for you, but you will lose points if it is not correct

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