Law and Economics – privatization of education at all levels

All of the learning of Modules 1-5 will have relevance to your successful completion of the
writing. You may reference course readings and module notes are part of your response, ensuring
that you use proper APA 6th Edition citation and referencing practices. For more information on
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Assignment 1: Respond to the following criticism using the criteria below:
Funding for education has become a standard practice by many governments. Allan Shogun
Sully has raised concerns about the abuse of educational opportunities by some. His criticism
Our educational infrastructure and the law in general reduce the freedom of individuals.
He is now an advocate of privatization of education at all levels.
Social returns to education are below private returns and likens the scenario to that of the
Tragedy of the Commons discussed in module 4,
Allan Shogun Sully has gone on to say that those who prefer to put their tax dollars to
other uses (i.e. other than funding of education) are adversely impacted or prohibited
from acquiring entitlements and social welfare suffers; the allocation of tax revenue to
education is another form of Expropriation/Eminent domain (discussed in module 5) for
which there is no just compensation.
Provide a Microsoft Word document in 12pt, Times New Roman font, double-spaced with
1” margins (OTHER DOCUMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED). Your response to the
criteria below should be between 3-5 pages in this format.
Response Criteria (items that must be included in your response):
 Provide a legal perspective on how privatization of education may be possible.
 Analyze Allan Shogun Sully’s critique of education funding and the notion of
privatization of education.
Your analysis should also include:
 An examination of the right of an individual to be educated or lack thereof,
 The impact our legal system has on the expected benefits of education,
 The impact different level of education can have on social welfare,
 An examination of equity in relation to education,
 A criterion for determining efficiency,
 The Neoclassical view v. real world,
 A Pigovian perspective,
 A conclusive position on the type of education system you believe is appropriate given
your analysis of Allan Shogun Sully’s critique.
Please note your grade will be basiqued on substance, clarity, and cohesion.

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