Concept Paper

Complete a draft of your population and sample. Take the concept paper template and complete the Population and Sample sections. Describe the population in one paragraph (5–7 sentences). Include characteristics of the population that make the population a focus for research. Describe the sample, sampling design, sampling type, and sample size in another paragraph (5–7 sentences). Use the course text to guide your selection and to provide a rationale for your choices.
• Discuss the setting, general population, target population, and study sample. The discussion of the sample includes the research terminology specific to the type of sampling for the study.
• When describing the sample size, provide evidence that the sample size is adequate for the research design. If you use the statistical flowchart linked in the Unit 8 formative assessment, you should have an appropriate statistical test.
• Consult the concept paper template for additional guidance.
• The population and sample assignment should be one page, not including references.

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