Real World Application post- Alzheimer’s Disease

For this activity you will critically evaluate the Amyloid hypothesis of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). According to
this hypothesis the accumulation of amyloid beta peptide in the brain is the primary mechanism of AD pathology
(Hardy and Selkoe, 2002).
AD is a complicated disease with many different pathologies. For this activity you need to focus on just the
evidence for and against the amyloid beta hypothesis. Using the Saint Leo online library find 5 peer reviewed
articles that address this issue and create an annotated bibliography for the scientific papers.
Then write a brief paragraph summarizing your findings, with evidence for and against the Amyloid Beta
hypothesis. Include:

  1. Are there other more compelling theories of AD with more empirical support?
  2. Does the Amyloid Beta hypothesis only address certain aspects of AD or does is provide a more
    comprehensive explanation of AD pathology

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