Loss Line/ Subject-Coping With Disease and Death

For this multimedia assignment, create a PowerPoint that outlines your personal loss line. Be sure to include the following information. Think about your personal life if that helps you do this assignment!

A time line from your earliest childhood recollection to the present time. On this timeline Indicate losses you have experienced and your approximate ages for those losses. Losses do not need to be a death, but can be any experience of loss (e.g., loss of a pet, moving away, loss of job, loss of dream/vision). Be careful to share only those losses you feel comfortable disclosing. Only the instructor will view your PowerPoint. This timeline should include basic information about the loss. The timeline can be more than one slide.
On separate slides, identify three of the most significant losses and discuss each loss. Minimum 3 slides per loss. The following are suggestions to consider, but you are not limited to these questions:
What was the relationship between you and the person/situation?
Why was this loss important/significant to you?
What feelings do you remember from the time surrounding the loss? What did you do with those feelings?
Did you discuss this loss with anyone? If so, whom?
How has time impacted your memory of the loss?
After sharing those losses, describe what resources you used or developed during the loss and what you have learned from your experiences.
Since this is a reflection assignment, the use of first-person is expected and appropriate. You will not need references or citations. You must meet all three requirements (Timeline, three significaiqunt loss narrative and resources).

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