Consumer Behavior in the Age of Covid: Final Project Assignment

Consumer Behavior in the Age of Covid: Final Project Assignment
A multimedia element of your choice that uses at least five key concepts in a new context: a post-Covid
marketing environment where businesses are open, but the concerns about health and social distancing are still a
strong concern. You can create a marketing proposal, a marketing strategies video, an infographic for businesses
or marketing firms, a product marketing analysis – anything you like.
The multimedia element of your choice should:
Be focused on a post-Covid marketing environment: people are allowed to gather again, restaurants and stores
are open, but concerns still linger.
Be a visual, auditory, or multimedia format of your choice: Infographic (Canva or other infographic site); Video
presentation/pitch (3-5 minutes, organized and scripted, screen-cast-o-matic or other video capture software);
PowerPoint presentation (narrated, 5-7 minutes), marketing piece, or visual proposal. Be creative!
Have a real-world audience in mind of your choice: Your product can be geared to address a specific industry,
product, imaginary or real client, or marketing firm with a broad sector of clients. Be creative!!
Incorporate or address a minimum of five key consumer behavior concepts. These can be the same, or different,
as the ones used in your written work.
No external sources required for this piece.
Why we are doing it: This project will help you articulate and address real-life consumer behavior conditions
and prepare you to be an effective and relevant professional in the industry. You will gain experience with
formatting a big-picture analysis as well as developing a video, infographic, slide deck, or other multimedia
element with an industry audience.

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