Blackberry marketing plan

You will prepare a written report for marketing strategy, regarding a publicly-traded company that has either failed, or has been struggling to compete in recent years. Your task is to research and strategize a way for your chosen company to return and be competitive in a global market.

The final project is to be completed INDIVIDUALLY. Your full marketing plan is due at the end of the course. The written project must be professional in its composition, and follow APA (latest edition) format, contain at least 12-15 pages of typewritten content. The plan will be graded on its content as well as proper grammar, logical construction, and organization. You should use a minimum of 10 reputable References to prepare your plan fully. Sources may include: annual reports, journal articles, and newspaper articles, conversations with key employees of the firm, Internet articles, and other materials found via your library search.

Because this course concerns marketing management in a global economy, the marketing mix should reflect the firm’s ambitions to compete across multiple foreign markets. This means that the product, price, promotional, and distribution strategies should reflect a globally competitive mindset.

Below is the outline for the marketing plan:

a. Highlights of the firm’s historical and recent operations
Strategic Focus and Plan
a. Proposed new Mission
b. Proposed new Goals
c. Core competency and sustainable advantage to return to competitiveness
Situational Analysis
a. Industry analysis
b. Market analysis
c. SWOT Analysis
Market-Product Focus
a. Proposed marketing objectives
b. New target market(s)
c. Identifiable points of difference
d. Brand/Product positioning
Marketing Mix Program
a. Product strategy
b. Price strategy
c. Promotion strategy
d. Distribution strategy
Financial Data and Projections
a. Historical sales revenues
b. Financial projections (if available)
c. Future sales estimates/forecasts (based on product price, units to be sold, market size, competition, and other variables)
a. Restructuring of the firm, expansion(?)
Implementatioiqun, Evaluation and Control Plan

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