Long term conditions

Assignment title: Identify and discuss the nursing knowledge and skills required to fulfil the nursing role in providing holistic palliative care for people, and their families, living with long term conditions.
Assignment guidelines

This section should let the marker know that you have read and understood the assignment guidelines and that the following assignment is written to meet the module’s aims and learning outcomes. Briefly summarise the assignment’s content and what you hope to achieve by its completion. The student needs to introduce the main body and inform the reader of what the main body of the text will include.

Main Body of Text
It is suggested that the main body of text is sub-divided into two sections, one looking at nursing knowledge and the other looking at nursing skills. Discussion of nursing attitudes can be included in both sections if you feel confident enough to do this. Examples (not exhaustive) as to the content of these sections are as follows:
Knowledge of:
• Definitions of long term conditions, of palliative care and of end of life care.
• The main principles and practice of palliative care – it is holistic, multi-professional, community-focused and person-centred.
• The role and approach of the nurse in providing holistic care for both patient and families of patients with long term conditions requiring palliative care.
• The role of the nurse in preparing people for death during end of life care.
• The content of the Palliative & End of Life Care Delivery Plan (Welsh Government, 2017) and how it helps the nurse to identify what is needed when preparing the patient and family for end of life.
• Explore the barriers to nurses effectively discussing end of life care needs with people expected to die within 12 months
• etc.
Skills required:
• Ability to effectively assess pain and debilitating symptoms using established assessment tools
• Ability to ensure that evaluation of management strategies occurs.
• Communication:
o Ability to apply advanced communication skills so to determine the needs of the person with a degenerative condition and the family
o Ability to communicate effectively with other members of the MDT and community practitioners

This section should let the marker know that you have fulfilled the requirements of the assignment guidelines and that the learning outcomes have been achieved to a high standard. Briefly indicate how your nursing development has progressed through the completion of this assignment and how you anticipate it will contribute to improving patient outcomes in your future practice (the ‘first person’ tense can be used while writing this part of the conclusion).

Reference list
Please present this list following the method described in the College’s APA referencing guidelines (6th edition). Correct use of the guidelines will result in the marker awarding more marks to the assignment.

This assignment does not require an appendix.

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