Global crime policy brief

The focus of this policy brief concerns Australia’s largest and most profitable illicit markets. Broadly, a policy brief is intended to inform the decision-making of government officials, in this case the Commonwealth Attorney-General, Michaelia Cash, and the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews. Your policy brief is required to do the following: Explain the relevance and importance of an illicit market in contemporary society, including a brief description of how it has emerged as an issue both in Australia and in Victoria. Outline and critically analyse current policies regarding your chosen illicit market. This means evaluating their purpose, effectiveness, cost, as well as other strengths and limitations. Provide recommendations, based upon relevant evidence and your critical analysis, regarding how policy should be changed to be more effective, efficient, humane, etc. Your recommendations should make a clear, compelling and evidence-based case for whatever changes you are proposing. Suitable illicit markets to focus on for this assessment are listed below. Pick one of these to be the focus of your analysis: Illicit drugs (any from the list below) Methamphetamine Cocaine Heroin Ecstasy Fentanyl Illicit tobacco Illegal wildlife Arts and/or antiquities Sex trafficking Counterfeit goods Firearms When conducting research for this assignment, you should use academic sources as well as government reports. Your recommendations do not need to be original. Policies targeting illicit markets vary extensively between different countries and to a lesser extent between different states. Use examples from other jurisdictions, whether internationally or within Australia, to inform your policy recommendations. While based upon robust and credible evidence, policy briefs are not academic documents, and should be written in a simple, clear yet formal style for an intelligent, time-poor audience. Use headings, sub-headings as well as graphs and tables where appropriate to make the document easy to read. The required word count for this assessmeiqunt is 2000 words, not including references.

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