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The consideration to partake in the Educational Doctorate program with a specialization in educational administration and leadership is important in solving the current problem at hand since the program offers skills and knowledge that is necessary in solving some of the problems being experienced in the education system. On the aspect of choosing a professional role, instead of playing the role of a superintendent it would be better if he chose to join the parties involved in bringing changes in the field instead of supervising them. This approach would be better in that one is able to point out the actual problems being experienced in the field.

On the other hand based on the problem at hand which is the existence of the achievement gap it would also be important to consider what are the causes of that achievement gap before taking any action or step. Before improving any situation it is always important to first identify the causes of that problem and it is from the causes that ways to come up with solutions are created. This issue tends to affect the students mostly therefore more efforts should be geared towards the side of the students instead of focusing on all stakeholders with the same efforts.

The questioning approach should also be used especially among students and the questions should seek to find out what makes the two subjects, Mathematics and English, a problem necessitating the remedial classes.  Other stakeholders such as parents, teachers as well as principals among others should also be involved in this and their suggestions should be taken on the possible and the most effective ways of solving this problem of the achievement gap.





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