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Uranium in Iran has been a source of debate across the globe on the reason as to why the said country should not exploit its usage. Uranium as a mineral due to its feared usage of manufacture of atomic bombs and missiles that are considered to be the worst and most dangerous war weapons on earth, has its sources in Iran. This essay provides a summary of an article on Iran policy after the deal signed with United states of America and five other countries.

The article begins by acknowledge the content of the deal signed as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) that Iran could go ahead to construct nuclear plant as well as industrial its capacity. Further, the Iranian plant could be used for research and development purposes and for making war weapons, in addition the agreement suggested that inspections on the plant and various activities within the research centers could be reported after every twenty-four days to the JCPOA. this report would hinder the development of missiles as well as other nuclear weapons. This agreement would last fifteen years upon which the Iranians would be allowed to build many nuclear installations of their choice.

As reported by the article, since the United States was at an upper hand to understand uranium and based on their experiences, it is argued that it is this reason Iran approved the deal since the United States would offer their expertise to Iran hence make use of the Uranium. The collaboration between the countries could help Iran build efficient as well as an advance centrifuge used in the plant. This was the final deal that allowed the Iranians to build a centrifuge which would take at least eight to ten years according to the article.

The authors on the other hand feels that the deal signed between the United States, Iran and other countries need some important review. The author sited that the incoming president of the United states after President Obama must undertake some review on the deal to make it complete. The firs review according to the author as seconded by John Kerry, the current Secretary to the States, is that after the expiry of the contract, the clause should be amendment and a vote be carried out by the parties with the main aim of extending the agreement expiry for another five years.

Another review proposed is for the Iran to ship all the Uranium outside of the country forth will and the size of the centrifuge that was agreed to be build be reduced. The author fears that incase the Obama administration initiates these changes on the deal then an international outcry and the other parties to the deal may feel played hence the administration should play it law until the entry of a new government as suggested by the authors.  The authors feel that such counties as Germany, France and United Kingdom will not be easy to convince about review of such clause of the deal and that it is their different the task of the incoming president to initiated that negotiation process to stop the Iranian from gaining a Nuclear advantage over other countries since it can be used to disadvantaged the entire world.

In addition, the article suggests that for the deal to be renegotiated, the United States should bring Iran to punishment for being a supporter of terrorism activities as well as abusing the human rights.  The author notices that the Obama’s administration has avoided engaging Iran into a challenge of punishing them from the crime against humanity they have committed and sponsoring terrorism just because the White House needed the deal.

The article, further feels that the United States should have acted on the protest of the 2009 but it stayed quiet on the issues leading to death of so many after rigging of elections. It additionally suggests that the Unites States should not only sanction on the Iran finical institution but also the regime of the government for repression as well as regional aggregations. These suctions as suggested by the authors, would prevent the Iranians from conducting business across the globe freely. To win the war over the Iran government as a way to silence them on manufacture of nuclear weapons, the article suggests that The Unites States should work on gaining influence with the neighboring countries including Baghdad and left alone, they will yield to demands of United States.

To the conclusion of the article, braking ISIS would be a milestone in fighting the war on Iran to stop its pursuit to manufacture war weapons. The ISIS would back Iran in fighting but in the event that they are defeated then it would be easy taking control of Iran, the article also confirms that the fight between The Unites States is due to superiority hence the success of the war in favor the United States will also relive the Iranian from a regime that does not take lives of citizens serious.

Opinion based on the article

In my opinion, the war between the United States and Iran is for the good of every soul on earth even though it also carries superiority interest. With much Uranium into the hand of the Iran government, they may develop nuclear weapons that are so devastating over used on people. Nuclear bombs are known to be the deadliest war weapon ever due to its lasting effects as well as the degree of damages it causes.

With the nuclear bombs in the hands on the Iranian government, and as it is known that the ISIS which is a terror group may gain access to such weapons and use them to cause much damage and loss of life and property. Iran is known to be a supporter of terrorist who are waging war on the United States and its allies in pursuit of an Islamic states ruled fully by Taliban. This would not be fair to the Christians as well as peace that prevails across the globe in the absence of the terrorist.

In addition, I feel that the United States should review its strategy to stop Iran from manufacture such nuclear weapons through negotiations. If it is done in force, then the Iranians may develop such weapons in secrecy and retaliate leading to massive losses. Negotiation should be the way forward as well as continue wagging war on terrorism such as ISIS. The United States due to their position as supper power are capable to fight terrorism which is currently a global crisis. This would help save millions of lives across the world.




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