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Almost every child in America who grew up in the nineties has the knowledge of the popular teddy bear shaped crackers going by the name; teddy grahams. I enjoyed this a lot in my childhood and at that time cared little about what this great snack was made of. It came inn four different flavours which included honey flavour, chocolate flavour, cinnamon and fruit punch. It is the honey flavour that I enjoyed the most and thus I am going to discuss some of the ingredients that make up the teddy grahams bear shaped crackers, the honey flavoured one.


The teddy bear shaped crackers that are sold in the honey flavour of the teddy grahams crackers is made up of a wide range of ingredients among which include corn maltodextrin, soy lecithin, ammonium bicarbonate and glucose syrup. This section of the paper will discuss the ingredients in detail explaining why they are used in the making of the honey flavoured teddy grahams.

Corn Maltodextrin

This ingredient is used in the making of the honey flavoured teddy grahams crackers as a food additive. Various health questions have been raised about this ingredient but it however considered safe to be used as a food additive both in the United States of America and in Canada where the teddy grahams crackers are most popular.

The ingredient is created by the means of hydrolysis. Starch from corn or potato is boiled and this starch is further broken down by means of enzymes or by the addition of acid. This creates a white powder which is the corn maltodextrin.

Corn maltodextrin is used as an ingredient in making of teddy grahams crackers so as to act as a filler to the snacks packaged in the box. It adds more flavour aside from those presented in the simple sugars that form part of the crackers. These simple sugars include fructose and sucrose. Further, since it dissolves and absorbs oil easily, it is used to give the crackers its texture and Aroma.

An additional information about corn maltodextrin is that it does not necessarily have to be extracted from corn and potato but can also be extracted from wheat and Barley.

Soy Lecithin

Soy lecithin used in the manufacture of the honey flavoured teddy grahams crackers are extracted from Soy beans. However, the same can also be extracted from canola oil, egg yolks and peanuts. The lecithin regardless of the source from which it is retrieved is used as an emulsifier.

In the making of teddy grahams crackers, it is used for a number of purposes. One of the major purposes is so as to mix water and oil in the baking process since soy lecithin is an emulsifier so that the crackers can have a smooth texture and appear creamy. Further it is also used a wetting agent as it reduces surface tension of the liquids used in baking, especially water and oil.

Additionally, Lecithin whether extracted from soybeans or not are majorly used in the manufacture of oily foods and these may include but not to exclude others, food s such as chocolate and salad dressing as they make them creamy and smooth.

Ammonium Bicarbonate

Ammonium bicarbonate is an ingredient that is mostly used for baking purposes both in homes and in commercial baking. The major purpose of this ingredient is that it makes dough rise during baking. This is through a reaction than produces carbon (IV) oxide which in turn results in to a leavening action within the dough. The same can be represented in the chemical equation shown below.

In the making of crackers, the ammonia gas released is not held up within dough and is instead released to the environment thus there is no the unpleasant smell of ammonia in the final crackers sold out.

This ingredient should not be mistaken for a complex ingredient but is found in the normal baking soda or baking powder that we are accustomed to our kitchens for ordinary baking purposes.

Glucose Syrup

Glucose syrup is essential in the making of the honey flavoured teddy grahams crackers. This is derived from the naturally existing simple sugar, glucose. Glucose syrup is extracted from starch foods such as potato, wheat, cassava and barley. The process of hydrolysis applies just as to the first ingredient.

It is used in the honey flavoured crackers to sweeten the crackers. Further, it is used for softening of the texture of the crackers and thus the honey flavoured crackers come out sweet and soft.




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