Teaching in Skills Lab

Knowledge is best acquired and mastered when shared. I have always had a passion for sharing my knowledge because I have the strong belief that by giving out, I will receive more even academically and intellectually. It is therefore my desire and zeal to achieve the best through continuing with my education and consequently become a clinical nurse educator by taking the skills lab option which will offer me the special opportunity to develop and enhance my skills in teaching and also in project collaboration.

I have all along developed a burning interest in acquiring lab teaching skills and teaching nursing students in an academic setting  having priory as part of my own practice to grow my interest engaged in voluntary nursing schools as a mentor and a motivational speaker to students taking various nursing courses. I really feel that I am a potential candidate for the skills lab option having successfully completed two rotations in renal/telemetry med-surgery and also two rotations in orthopedic med-surgery successfully. In addition, I have a great performance in my academic evident through my overall GPA of 3.73. I also have done my preceptorship in ICU and really gained much which I feel I can pass to others to avoid some killer avoidable practices we have seen and heard before as conducted by practioners in the ICU.

Having attained this knowledge, I have built on the passion to share, something which I can only do through getting a professionally impacted knowledge, avoiding trial and error, professionalism which I can only attain through taking the lab skills option. Given the chance, I will embrace it greatly and passionately for it has always been my dream to become a clinical nurse educator.

Thank you in advance

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