Prenatal Testing and Reflection

The practice of prenatal testing has experienced a significant progress and advancement following the invention of new technological ways to do the screening. People have always had mixed reactions towards the practice of prenatal testing; some theories explain its setbacks. Other ethical issues discourage it because it’s always likely that the newborn will be normal. However due to technological advancements and discoveries families can view the prediction of what to expect after the baby is born.

Prenatal testing remains to be paramount because it helps the couples, specifically the mother to know that the baby is developing in the expected and usual way. However, the prenatal testing doesn’t identify any conditions that the child might possess instead they show the possibility of the baby getting them. In cases when a condition has been detected, or the baby is at a risk of suffering certain conditions the doctor will advise the parents to seek better medical attention.

Prenatal testing equips the parents with the necessary information about the baby they are expecting. Psychological preparedness is built on this pre-awareness; they are also to seek counseling and necessary help from the support groups to help them bring up the newborn in the best possible way.



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