Precious Knowledge documentary

Precious Knowledge documentary is one of the realistic work directed by Ari Luis Palos exposing the lethal impact of ethnic chauvinism that has hit the state of Arizona because of the anti-immigration campaign that appears to be the order of the day by the native society.  The native society and elite class in Arizona prevents ethnic based classes in a move to protect their dominance over the immigrants. (Palos, 2011)  However, the insurgence of the students leaders to fight for their rights of equitable access to education. It is a fill that depicts dedicated student to use social networks, text messages and technology at large to advocate for the equal rights. The native lawyers and political leaders have adopted partisan administrative politics that undermine the development based education system that offers equal opportunity to all youth. It is an approach that unites together the so called immigrants to strife for their educational rights.

The alienation of the immigrants by the political system in Arizona has been developed in an oppressive way that regards all immigrants as illegal people in Arizona ho do not deserve the privileges of native Arizona people. Ari Palos uses the art of film to develop the much needed insurgence to combat the egocentric approach of the law makers and political class in Arizona. The assertions that ethno-based classes teach hatred and indoctrinate the black society against the dominant native society is developed under pure malice by the elite class (Palos, 2011). The autonomy of thoughts is what the Mexican-American classes are all about. These classes equip the students with the relevant knowledge to appraise the impact of adopting certain policies. It is a prudent way of developing a cohesive society built on progressive politics.


The so called revolutionary communists ideas that the lawmakers perpetuate to be used in the Mexican-American classes are the same lessons taught to Americans by some of their biggest leaders in history such as Abraham Lincoln (Haddix, 2015). The Americans at this point exhibit the pure class of double-standards. If Lincoln goes in to the  American history books as one of the greatest if not the greatest president, because of  empowering the  Americans to acquire freedom of expression, education and information from the colonial masters; why should  lawmakers whose careers are purely build on Lincoln’s ideologies deprive others of the opportunity that  almost too away  American dream?

Peace Knowledge is a perfectly engineered documentary that aims to explain the goals of the marginalized immigrants in Arizona.  The presence of brown berets at a rally in not a sign of insurgence as purported by the elite. It is a show of solidarity in the quest to earn the economic and academic freedom that these immigrants are deprived of in name of saving the American dream. Knowledge is not hate speech (Palos, 2011). It is the powerful tool of integration since the Mexican American society gets to appraise, understand and implement the governance policies that exclusively benefit Arizona as home to all.

Ari’s documentary shows an exclusive understanding of the loop holes in the Arizona way of administration and offers a realistic approach to end the problem once and for all by equipping the society with the equal chance to learn and access information regarding governance and development equally. By adopting such an administration strategy, Arizona as a state is guaranteed to achieve her political, educational, economic and development agenda through cohesive politics.



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