Case study


Question 1: What influences the performance of Gore’s employees?

            Their sponsors who are allocated to each hired associate influence gore’s employees. The associate is responsible of coaching and being their advocate at work. They track the progress of new associates, tackle their problems, and educate them on goals of the Company. They also assist employees on their weaknesses and running of the Company. They aim at improving their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses. Sponsoring is a long-term process where each member in the Company has one or more sponsors. Sponsorship program avoids having hierarchies in the organization since their manager believes hierarchies sift employee’s creativity.

Sponsors operate on four principles such as freedom, commitment, fairness, and waterline. Associates have a role of ensuring a fair pay to their employees, recognizing their accomplishments and assist them to start their new job. They encourage them and offer training, give them knowledge and responsibilities in their scope of activity. They make commitments and keep them as they consult with other associates prior to taking any action.

Question 2: What are the keys to Gore’s success?

            Gores success comes from manufacture of medical, industrial, electronics and fabric products. It offers the products in unconventional places where other conventional products cannot be applied. Example in space shuttles Gore’s electronic wires and cables are assembled since they can withstand ignition heat, survive in adverse conditions, and cold temperatures in space. Their electronic cables transmission of signals is very accurate, thin, and flexible and long flexes life. The reasons contribute to their use in ultrasound among other medical and electronic applications. Gore wires and cables are used in fast computers since they transmit signals of 93% of light speed. They are used underground, submarines and oil-drilling operations requiring superior signal in their microwave equipment.

Question 3: What will be the pitfalls that Gore will have to avoid?

Gore would have to avoid the thoughts of working alone as an associate and involve other people in decision-making. The process would take less time and incur fewer manufacturing costs.

Question 4: What are the principle threats faced by Gore?

            Gore Company faces fierce competition from other manufacturers who imitated their similar products such as wind shirts and boots. Second, they initially had no barriers to entry in their market. A third threat is taking total control of manufacturing and designing, licensing and controlling their markets locally and internationally.

Question 5: How effective might Gore be with some of the contemporary management concepts like relationship management?

Contemporary management concepts, in relationship management create awareness of the importance of using planned and structured means of managing relationship with customers. The tool assists customer management by offering structures and proper organization. It offers insight to sales and marketing department as well as customer support processes that improve efficiencies in a team. It helps in collaboration of sales team and business processes in making profits. The marketing team uses CRM tool to plan long-term and short-term marketing activities in the business. It plans budgets and organizes campaigns on sizes of the company, preferred products, appropriate location, and size of the product.

CRM tool appreciates various forms of marketing campaigns such as magazines, commercials, TV ads that target a wide range of consumers and increases sales. Through campaigns, employees will understand products that attract their customers and concentrate on improving them. In addition, they will have access through emails to view other customer’s products and compare with theirs. In conclusion, they will be in a position to chose the best information for their target audience and place it in best format to increase their sales.

Sales managers will easily structure sales processes from presales, quotations to deal closure. Moreover best interaction methods will be identified such as meetings or calls. There are available courses of action offers for sales people with help of communication templates that are structured to reduce wastage of time.


















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