Case study

Question 5

Anyone who sees an opportunity and seizes it can be said to have a positive attitude, selflessness and dares to dream. Charles Best saw a group of students who were suffering due to lack of some necessities in the classroom and found a way to help them. This kind of attitude cannot be found just anywhere. It needs to come from someone with some traits that helps him see the suffering in others and come up with a way to help them. Best had the desire to change how the world works. He wanted to make a student’s life better by providing what they did not have. He perceived a world where people would willingly help the students if they were given an opportunity to and he utilized this opportunity.

Best can be said to have a selfless personality. This is because he is able to think about other people and see how he will help them. He went back to his home and saved the money that he used to sponsor the There are not so many people who can get out of their way to go and start an organization to help other people while they put their own lives at a standstill. He is also a go-getter. All the conversations took place in the lunchroom and they never left the room. He however took it upon itself to make the dream come true by coming out of his comfort zone and taking risks that would later help other people in society. Best saw the opportunity and acted in a selfless manner and is now able to be the bridge between the students who need help and the people who are willing to help.



Question 6

For any organization to succeed it is important that the staff is motivated. Motivated staff are able to yield results which results in the success of the business or organization. The staff at can be said to be hardworking self-sacrificing. They perceive life positively in the same way that Charles Best does. They work at the organization without much pay and they end up doing the work well. They are not highly paid but they are compensate. In today’s economic times it is becoming increasingly difficult to survive. Employees are asking for salary hikes as the conditions of living gets tougher. The employees at this organization can therefore be said to be self-sacrificing because despite their pay they are still able to yield results.

The staff commitment to the organization is out of the emotional attachment that they hold towards the organization. Their willingness to help and high ethical standards is what makes the donor come back after the first time. The staff ensures that everything is running smoothly. They make sure that they provide end –to end integrity for all he classroom projects that are funded. They are highly motivated with very high ethical values. They respect the work of the donors and are appreciative of their work sending ‘thank you’ cards after donations have been made. The attitude of any person towards what they are doing affects their job in as much as the results. The staff at can be said to be highly motivated, having positive attitudes and high ethical levels towards the organization.

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