Canvas application

Canvas application

Canvas application is preferred by students and their parents because it is user friendly. Everybody can easily access it regardless of their abilities and disabilities. They can easily navigate it and understand it in the best way possible and successfully.  Users can modify the application and use it with or without sound, color, high-contrast, screen reader, voice, or the above attributes combined (Vandas, 2015). Its pages are can easily be navigated efficiently and quickly. The audience can go to sections that are key to them and quickly get back to primary navigation. It presents vital information with speed and speeds up navigation process by allowing users to make changes required such as availing a “create” button on the top of the screen.

Its touch targets are at least 48 by 48 pixels, which is most recommended for touch target size elements. The space available between elements is at least 8dp.  All information over the mouse and tasks of the user are accessed using the keyboard (Vandas, 2015). The standards of the platform match with the shortcuts of the keyboard. It makes users who are blind to make use of the keyboard to navigate and swipe through elements on mobile devices. I can easily navigate between screens as I try to compare my grades and the results obtained. There are text labels, tool tips, and placeholder texts to show their purposes. In addition, it offers images and videos together with their alternative texts.

It has help option which is clear and easily available where users can get shortcuts of the keyboard, gestures and other access features. There are also ways provided to reactivate a critical element whose time has elapsed.

The above characteristics makes it possible for students and teachers to check courses enrolled by the students, their files and notes among other areas.  It attracts the attention of the user through its pictures and different colors. While browsing this application it is possible to navigate through all elements since they are placed on the screen in form of courses enrolled in enabling users to press the names of courses they want .

All options required are posted on the screen making it easy accessible when required. This application is favorable to me because it has the notes button, which I use to study my notes using a laptop. The application is easy to read and refresh. In relaxed moments, I enjoy pictures of birds with their full colors when my laptop is refreshing. It meets technical attributes required in writing because it has almost all colors and styles. The above attributes places it ahead of all other websites including OSU because I browse faster and access the required files easier. This application is most preferred because it takes a long time to log off thus taking shorter time to complete given tasks.

According to Vandas (2015). Canvas website has some disadvantages in that its buttons and their locations and the affirmation that a task has been completed successfully are inconsistent. There are also no leads and instructions in most required areas. Its wordings are inconsistent and add-ons are few. Its functionality would be better if it was more functional instead of being a complete overhaul. The application lacks introduction and instruction, which is most important for new users. New users are sometimes confused about page function and its meaning. In conclusion, Canvas website is better compared with other websites although it requires willing users who want more experience.







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