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There is no questioning the need to improve on the technology in American healthcare system and to solve the disparity issues that have plagued the system for decades now. However, everyone would express a different opinion when questioned on the urgency of the two, whether America should focus on issues of high technology in the healthcare system or dealing with issues of disparity.

Huge strides have been made in the field of healthcare innovation in the United States in recent times and this has been contributed the support healthcare innovation has gotten from the United States’ government. Basic and clinical research has received huge investments with the end result being improved treatment outcomes for Americans. However, disparities in access to healthcare system. This is an issue that has persisted for a long time and despite interventions to solve the same, its gaze is still cast on Americans and its healthcare system.

Three major factors translates into the healthcare disparities witnessed in the United States; the quality of the healthcare the Americans get, Accessibility to healthcare services and historic injury to some segments of Americans. Some Americans can easily access healthcare services than others, some can access quality healthcare as compared to others who get access low quality healthcare services. Some Americans are barred from proper healthcare services due to stereotypes that have historical bearings. Exploring these in various dimensions, white Americans have better access to healthcare and receive quality healthcare services as compared to most of the minority races and ethnicities that make up the American population. On a socio-economic basis, persons employed into better paying jobs have easier access to healthcare services and receive quality as compared to the unemployed of the American population or the low wage earners.


What could be more important than addressing the disparity issue that has plagued American healthcare system for such a long time? Improving technology in the healthcare sector improves the quality of services offered to the patients. However, this will be of little value if only a few Americans can access the improved healthcare services, thanks to the investment in technology. This would not help much as many would still be in the periphery of quality and affordable healthcare.

Dealing with issues of healthcare disparity depends largely on the healthcare providers, the government and the persons these services are offered to. Healthcare practitioners should make themselves aware of various preconceptions and beliefs oriented cultures and ethnicities in America and formulate ways to best provide healthcare for persons held back by such preconceptions and beliefs. Patients can take action to improve on their responsibities as patients. Illustrating this among African American communities in America, most of their deaths result from chronic diseases, which they can prevent through taking responsibility for their health and thus the huge disparities witnessed in the America would probably go down.

The government can also come in by providing health covers through insurance to every American citizen to increase accessibility to healthcare. Technology and innovation is fundamental to healthcare provision in America. However, the disparities in healthcare provision in America should be addressed first to ensure that the benefits of technology are enjoyed equally by American citizens.






Great post. I really like how you have argued out your case. Stating that both issues of high technology in healthcare and improvements in solving the problem of disparities in American healthcare system is a bright idea. There is no questioning the importance of technology to healthcare and the impact healthcare disparities have on sectors of American populations.

I slightly disagree with your line of argument because of a few factors. First, disparity is not an issue of the present as it has dragged along with the developments witnessed in the United States. Efforts have been indeed made to resolve this with little progress. On the other hand, technological innovations in the United States have soared to great heights that it can almost be matched to none across the globe. Since we have had the period within which the two can have moved along concurrently with little success, success cannot be guaranteed now. Let’s appreciate the high levels of technology achieved by our healthcare system and solve the more immediate menace; disparities in the provision of healthcare services to America’s populations.


I really enjoy reading your essay as it matches to my vision and aspirations for the American healthcare system. The issue of disparities in healthcare system is a more immediate concern than investment in technology.

Since we have witnessed huge advancement in technology with little advancement in addressing the issue of disparities; the most immediate need is dealing with disparities as a good percentage of Americans will be left out of the services improved by technology because of persistent disparities.



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