The film “Soldier’s Girl”

The film “Soldier’s Girl” is a retell of a romantic yet tragic story between two people, Calpernia and Barry. Calpernia is an entertainer at a club frequented by army officers most of who are colleagues of Barry. Their love story is a mixture of passion, flare, tenderness and in the end tragedy that results from hatred brood in Barry’s colleagues such as fisher; this brings the film to a sad ending.

In giving the plot of the story, Barry is based in Fort Campbell, Kentucky with the 101st Airborne Division of the US army. His lover, Calpernia, is an entertainer in a parody frequented by transgender persons. Barry shares a room with a colleague, Fisher, through whom he meets Calpernia. On learning about the relationship between Calpernia and Barry, Fisher takes word around the military base, baseless rumours about Barry that eventually lead to the death of Barry.

There is a general policy about “don’t ask, don’t tell” on army officers’ sexual orientation in the Military base where Barry was. The rumours that Fisher spread around led to constant harassment of Barry and the eventual goading by a fellow officer, Glover, something that shows us the plight of persons with sexual orientations from what the society considers normal.

This film shows us the parallels that exist between the gay sects of the military and the straight sects of the military. Calpernia performed at a gay parody and this is the place where she met Barry. Fisher started spreading rumours about a gay ‘gay’ officer; which led to operations to fish out the one and eventually Barry was killed due to Fisher’s activities. Barry did not die because he was gay, but because he was transsexual. Such hostilities should not exist in the society and the painful ending of the film calls for the society to accept sexual orientations and respect the rights of everyone regardless of their sexual orientation.


Before the death of Barry however, every viewer of this film can be glad that they had the best of their time while it lasted from their places of work. Barry would move out of the military base and Calpernia from the Nashville parody and they would spend time in park, in the confines of a secluded room and having fun at cookouts. This shows that people of sexual orientation such as theirs can make the best out of the relationship, with the tragic ending a way of enlightening the society to accept and support such in the society and accord them the freedom to enjoy their rights as human beings.

The film is based on a true story, showing gender plights experienced in the United States. In as much as it is captive and entertaining, it also reveals to American and the world at large some of the gender vices that occur in our society and across our neighbourhoods. This film is a way of creating awareness among communities and societies who perhaps hold extreme opinions about gender and sexual orientations and perhaps would act as the service men as against Barry.

Lastly, many people can come forward and tell their stories after watching the story of Calpernia and Barry. Many suffer in silence fearing the condemnation of the society or even ridicule of friends. The film makes it easy for them to come out and make pronouncements against discriminations they have received as a result of their sexual orientation.

To conclude, the film shows us the life of the transgendered in the society and how at times they are persecuted for being who they are. The film is an eye opener to the society to stop such acts and let such people enjoy their rights as any other human being.





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