Revised thesis statement and outline

The film industry can be regarded as a form of communication medium that basically relies on some kind of investigative technique to accomplish solutions that convey cultural information. This practice frequently followed with a commodified end product in mind. Nevertheless, the film industry is a crucial constituent of social discourse that depends on the goal exploration of its own experts in order to maintain a genuine voice. For this reason, new examples visual investigation that view art and design as a social science ought to be followed with the view of maintaining a healthy society.


  1. Introduction of the film ‘Birth of a Nation’
  2. Reflection: modern historical opinions
  3. A summary of the movie
  4. Social issues (Significance)
  5. Repression versus acceptance- Lynskey
  • significance of the film Birth of a Nation (Historically)
  1. First blockbuster film in the American film industry
  2. Portrayal of its characters
  3. Significance of the movie ‘Birth of a Nation’ today
  4. Use of the movie to foster cohesion in the society



  1. Technological advancement
  2. Human inventiveness and resourcefulness
  3. Improvement (styles, actions, and techniques) – Piccirillo
  4. Empowering filmmakers (use of tools and techniques)
  5. use of technology in film to empower the community




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