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Due to my enthusiasm for herbal medicine, I would like to undertake a research proposal under the premise, quality control of medicinal herbal drugs. I have an interest in this area of study due to the fact that it plays a key role mainly in ensuring quality, safety and value to customers. Apart from adding to my already acquired knowledge and skills in the area, I have also noted with keen interest that herbal medicine has recently emerged to be the foundation of regulatory guidelines concerning traditional herbal drugs (THR). Additionally, I have a keen interest in learning some of the techniques such as, phytochemical and analytical which are comprised of HPLC and NMR spectroscopy. With your guidance, I would particularly like to focus on the herbal drug that is already available in the UK market.

Value chains of Hypericum perforatum (St John’s Wort): a phytochemical and metabolomic investigation”

After I completed my poster “Karma mood” last semester I am keen to get a clear understanding and also learn more about St.John’s Wort products. Additionally, I am motivated to gain skills in performing HPLC examinations in one of the best-equipped laboratories in Switzerland since I already have a Schengen Visa that is valid for 5 years. Owing to this, I find the topic: “Value chains of Hypericum perforatum (St John’s Wort): a phytochemical and metabolomic investigation” as my number one choice and my dream project.

Metabolomic and phytochemical analysis of turmeric products.

On the other hand, I find the topic “Metabolomic and phytochemical analysis of turmeric products” my second choice since it will explain more on quality control of already placed products in the market. In addition, turmeric is a plant that is known for its health benefits. A project under this topic will provide me with the opportunity to further develop my knowledge in phytochemical and analytical techniques that play a key role in identifying the quality of a product.

Uncovering the plasmid transfer promoting effects of Umckaloabo (Pelargonium sidoides)”

My third choice is “Uncovering the plasmid transfer promoting effects of Umckaloabo (Pelargonium sidoides)”. I am particularly interested in this topic since it presents an interesting challenge. It focuses more on the field of antibacterial studies which also involves antibacterial activities of plant extracts. Apart from this fact, it will also answer an essential question of whether this plant extract will really improve antibiotic resistance or not? Such a scientific question is vital since there is already a plant (in herbal medicine) with such extracts in the market. Additionally, a project under this topic will investigate more in the antibiotic resistance activity of a famous product in the UK market.

Profile analysis of multi-herb extract

The topic “Profile analysis of multi-herb extract” is my fourth choice. Although the botanical name of the plant or extract is not mentioned, I believe it is an interesting topic since it will investigate the component of plants extract through the use of an analytical technique such as Mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography.

In contrast to the above-mentioned topics, I am not well conversant in study areas that involve the analysis of the antimicrobial activity of plant extracts which comprise antimicrobial technique and essay. Additionally, I am also not conversant concerning the study area that focuses on enzyme expression or engineering.


However, I am very motivated to undertake my research under the study area of study of quality control of plant material including the phytochemical and analytical techniques that are applied in this area. Apart from concentrating on this area in my masters level, I have the desire to pursue this further to a Ph.D. level. My goal is to play a key role in the regulatory guidelines back in my country. In Saudi Arabia, there is no specific regulation concerning medicinal herbal products. These products are classified as food supplements while most of the products have no clear tagging of the components comprised in the drugs. Additionally, there is a lot of misconception among the public as regards these herbal supplements. I strongly believe that one way to get this right is by setting the quality standards for how to use these products and to ensure that customers are assured of quality and safety. I believe that the quality techniques will contribute towards my vision.

In conclusion, I am also interested and feel motivated to handle the first two topics. I hope that you will find me qualified enough to deliver on this topics.

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