The brain of a human being is the central control unit of the body. It is where decisions are made and behavioral characteristics sourced. Feelings, emotions and responses are all controlled of the brain. Hope, fear and other  mental conditions cannot be controlled by conducting surgery and pharmacological interventions to the individuals. I think they are all mental conditions that are as the result of the exposure to different environments and conditions. There the brain being the central control system of the human being it has to produce some reaction towards that the changes. Hope, fears, plans, virtuous behavior and decadent are psychological phenomena you will find in the mind of every individual. They greatly vary depending on what an individual is going through. Usually, the hope depicts assurance or expectations of a particular event to take place. Fear can be attributed to the possibility of the undesirable event taking place. Therefore, the individual feels worried about that.

I think only mental disorders that can be controlled through surgical operations and pharmacological interventions. On the other only systematic desensitization that can be used to control fear, hopes and those other phenomena. This is because it is based on the Pavlovian learning principles. They can treat and control the learning based phenomena which are responses to certain conditions or events.




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