Operations Management.

Question 1.

Eleni’s customers will definitely have to judge the quality of the service offered by Eleni. The cost of maintenance that Eleni charges is the primary way of all potential customers in this particular case. The landscaping design will also be an important quality factors that the customers will put into consideration as a subject of the services offered by the new gardener. The amount of time that Eleni uses in maintains their gardens will definitely determine the judgment of the potential customers. Customer tastes and preferences will definitely wedge in as an important factor that helps the customers. Every potential customer has a certain set of desired landscaping topography that will definitely impact their appraisal of Eleni’s work.

Question  2.

Eleni’s primary role of forecasting is to estimate the potential demand of the services as per the number of customers.  Competition is another important factor than needs be evaluated. This business also has to adhere by the set state laws for it to be legal. There is need to forecast the social setting of the entity in the quest to maintain the positive corporate figure to help establish a strong entity.

Inventory items such as lawn mowers, safety gadgets, landscaping designs and others need be sustained on high levels.  Eleni has to keep on updating the landscaping design timely to attract even larger amounts of clients. The clientele list and cost of the services are two very important inventory tools that require recurrent updating to maintain an update list of clients and prices of services as per the labor involved in certain packages.

She has to develop a working schedule depending on the clients’ requirements and available labor resources.  Such scheduling might bring into the light the need to acquire extra workers in order to deal with the high client flow.  To reschedule, Eleni will have to acquire extra workforce and in turn increase the charges to deal with the extra cost.

Quality assurance is critical to the survival of the business since the nature of the services offered is directly appraised by the end user. Therefore Eleni has to win the hearts of these clients with the quality of services offered as a subject to the cost charged.

Mechanical maintenance of the machines used is critical to avoid environmental pollution. Eleni must also ensure that the waste products from her activities are well disposed and maintained in an attractive way to the society.

Question 3.

She has to evaluate the risks and pressure affiliated with being employed as a subject of the compensation. It is also important to consider the future prospects of developments in the career of being employed in comparison to the career of self-employment.

Expanding the business comes with increased operational costs as well as expanded profits base if well managed. It is also a risky move because he expansion comes with the threat of poor customer care services and long working hours in the quest to meet the needs of each customer. The move is also considered as a prudent one if the entity employs extra labors and equips them with the necessary tools of trade with the extra cost indirectly passed to the end user.

Launching a website is an extra cost worth incurring. Technology has developed in to a necessity tool of trade in the contemporary business world. Launching the website will open up the company to every part of the globe and hence offering the entity an opportunity to explore new markets.

Question 6.

Market change is the immediate variation change that Eleni has to cope with. Environmental changes, socio-political changes, demand,  clientele populace and cost of operations are the key sources of variations in this case.

These sources of variations come with need to revise the management strategy to accommodate such unprecedented changes as the top manager. She has to develop a robust operation culture to meet the supply and demand of the services of this entity. Hiring and outsourcing are some of the best ways to deal with these variations while at the same time maintaining profitability.

Question 7.

To make some operations sustainable, Eleni might consider outsourcing some of the functions to trusted business partners in order to reduce operation cost. It is also advisable to adopt a direct interaction with clients to avoid compromise of services.


Eleni has ventured in a new business world and hence has the opportunity to build a strong empire. She has however enrolled into a new level of business ownership that comes with massive challenges. The encouraging status of the entity is indeed a positive factor of growth. It is a business worth the risk.





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