Mira Malkovich and Slobodan Milosevic

Slobodan Milosevic and Mira Malkovic   were the famous couples that ruled over Serbia. Milosevic is one of the most celebrated political figure in Serbia in the twenty-first century.   Slobodan was a Serbian and Yugoslavian politician and served as the president of Yugoslavia and former Serbia his regime marked a significant change in Yugoslavia (Louis Sell 2003).

Slobodan took the opportunity of a nation suffering from post-war tragedy and took a position of leadership in the Communist party. Henceforth, leading the nationalist cemented his position as rallied his supporters to reform the 1974 constitution of Yugoslavia because of the oppression of the Serbs this made Slobodan ascend to power.  Milosevic’s emphasized that Yugoslav constitution gave encouragement to constitute a nation and not to republics.

Also, no woman in Serbian history has been more influential as professor Mira Malkovich former wife of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic. Mira was hardline communist with same ideologies as her husband, Slobodan.  Mira authoritative nature made her cruel person during his husband regime after her husband arrest seeks asylum in Russia for she had a bounty for fraud (Silber. L. 1997)

In conclusion Mira and Slobodan had a great impact on Serbian politics. Through significant reforms in the constitution, Slobodan was described as a man who promoted peace among multi-ethnic groups in Yugoslavia.  Being an opportunist, he exploited the nationalism to his favor to raise in the communist country Slobodan and Mira personal life were barely in public, but most people described him as man who keep politics in public will in private never talk about politics but music





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