Manic Panic

Manic Panic Company opened on July 7, 1977 in New York. Today it has opened many stores in the world including Japan and United States. Its concern was to offer different and alternative colors to dye natural hair. Applying hair dyes has become the trend of women and men in the recent years. Manic Panic has received many awards for his products over the years. Examples of awards include third Nylon Magazine Beauty Hit list Award. Their Blue Steel Vegan hair color emerged the best hair product in 2015. In 2014, December PETA2 was voted the revolutionary MIXER/PASTEL-IZER and was ranked the best hair product that was free in 2014. It earned them a second award in that year.

The success comes from his ingredients, which are 100% vegan tested on celebrities. Example Pastel-izer creates lighter shades with hair colors that are semi-permanent. Moreover, products do not have animal ingredients and are not tested on animals but on celebrities. In addition to hair dyes, manic panic sells other products including nail polish, eyelashes, foundation, vegan boas, eye shadow, t-shirts, baseball caps among other products.

Manic panic products are favorable to the environment. Example semi-permanent hair cream, which is cotton candy pink. Its ingredients consists of water, synthetic beeswax, hops extract, Acetic acid, propylene glycol, artificial color, chamomile extract, cetearyl alcohol, and methylparaben. These ingredients have low health concern.

Success of Manic Panic Company comes from guaranteed customer satisfaction since the beauty products are not easily found and brand new with high quality. When bought his products are shipped within 24 hours. They offer hair dyes of all colors with matching wild colors to apply on their lips, eyes, and nails. Products are available and offered at affordable prices and in most retail outlets. It is also easy to remove the dyes from hairs (Tish and Snooky, 2015). They are long lasting and unique giving users a unique look. They are applicable top people of all ages from all life classes. They use vegan products as a concern for the environment. All products of Manic Panic are not cruel to the body instead it gives it a nice look. Their hair products are easily applied and give a smooth look to the roots. Their colors do not fade unlike other dyes. After use, the hair retains its texture and is not damaged by the product. The dyes can be easily mixed to produce different unique and quality colors.

Comparisons between Manic Panic and Vera Wang, the New York City–based clothing designer/retailer? Why?

            Vera Wang is known for her make of wedding gowns and beautiful gowns, which are ready, made. Her clothing has an artistic feel and is sculptural in shape. She also offers accessories and fragrance that are affordable and attractive. Manic Panic and Vera Wang is almost similar because they have been ranked at the top in their businesses, the only difference is their area of specialization. While Manic Panic concentrates with hair dyes and colors, Vera Wang concentrates with wedding gowns and girl’s fashions, costumes for figure skaters among other red carpet garments (Vera Wang, 2015).

They have both worn awards. Vera Wang worn CDFA women’s wear designer of the year in 2005.Andre Leon Talley lifetime achievement award. She was also awarded with Geoffrey Beene lifetime Achievement Award in 2013. Their success began in New York where they first opened their retail shops. They are both sensitive to culture since Vera Wang Gowns are made customally and Manic Panic products are vegan made for rock stars.





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