Family loyalty and family right are two different things but to better understand the two in a wider way then it is probably important to first understand well what these two mean. First it is good to note that family is all about love and affection shared within the family members and it is usually unconditional. Loyalty is about showing trust to someone and having much believe that they will always stick by your side despite all. Right on the other hand is what is correct before the eyes of God and therefore does not always depend on what we think or know about something or someone in order to rule it right but rather what is correct by the books.

Family loyalty is always overshadowed by the love showed to a member and therefore most members do not earn it but are rather shown because they are family and therefore the love one has for a family member makes it easy to trust them rather than justifying it by what is right and wrong. Right does not base itself on who is affected rather it is based on what is correct by the law and no matter what it somehow always finds its way out unlike loyalty where one depends on personal opinions and understanding and therefore it is one sided because the person concerns always depend on the word of the family member on whom they have their loyalty bestowed on rather than the true nature of the matter concerned (Lawall, 2006).

Most people find it hard to base their decisions on what is right when it comes to family and loyalty because they themselves do not believe that it is not always what their family members who happen to be loyal to them most will lie and therefore to them they are always correct. People ought to understand that doing the right thing is the best way to have a community that is always going to accommodate all of us irrespective of whether they are family or not because the right things should always come first and make it easier to live a free and fair life with values that benefit us and make us better people (Lawall, 2006).

These two conflicts are not for specific people so to say that its inevitable in the life of a Christian is true. One different thing though is how Christians respond to it. Unlike others Christians ought to put what is right first as a guidance to determining what is right and wrong as well as use it to help them build their trust on others even family and that way they will know where to place their loyalty. Christians are therefore no exemption but on the other hand they should lead by example in which case they should always pick the right over family loyalty and make others understand that no one is special than any one of us but we are all equal before the laws and our creator. We all want to wake up feeling part of something great and that starts by us being true to ourselves and being just always.



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