The paper is an essay that will give a discussion on the book titled “Buffalo Gals, won’t you come out tonight” which is a science fiction by Ursula k. Le Guin published in November in the year 1987.

From the book or rather a novel, we come across a lost child who tumbles into a chaotic world of southwestern desert and spends some part of her life stay with Coyote, who in the book is referred to as a trickster. We also find that coyote in the book or rather a novel comes out as a memorable and intriguing character throughout the story (Le Guin, 1994).

The author of the book Ursula k. Le Guin from her anticipation shows how Coyote does unpredictable and extreme things that an individual would think needs one kind of reaction, but the characters who are reliable gives different responses. From the book, we get that Coyote talks to her shit and the shit responds back to her. From one of the scenes, we get to find that the lost child who lives with coyote scoops and buries crap belonging to Coyote while she is asleep (Le Guin, 1994).

Coyote wakes up and finds the turds missing, and she calls out for them which of course they answered back. Coyote then raked out every turd and had a long talk with the turds. Additionally, in the other scenes we get that Coyote with her character is represented as a leading figure in a community of animals and disgusting from her characters such as shitting and pissing anywhere and having sex with many old coyotes inclusive of her sons (Le Guin, 1994).


From the book we also get that the main character of the story that is the human girl who had fallen out of a plane and later discovered by Coyote and accepts coyote as her mother, which shows coyote’s character of compounding thoughts and actions with disgusting individuals. It is also witnessed from her stay with the other lost child who also finds refuge from coyote’s home





Le Guin, U. K. (1994). Buffalo Gals, Won’t You Come Out Tonight. Pomegranate.


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