Animal research

The paper is an essay that will give aa discussion on the aspect of animal research by identifying a particular research study on animals that had ethical issues.

Animal research as evidenced and noted in most of the studies is a necessary practice in the medical research world giving scientists a chance to advance in their practices. The animal study pointed out, in this case, is titled as “The ethics of animal research.” Animal research also aids our understanding of various diseases that seem to be a threat to the humanity. Throughout the entire world, we find that individuals or rather persons do enjoy a better quality of life because of the advances brought about by animal research that have led to the subsequent development of new treatments and medicines to curb diseases. From the research, we find that both the anti-vivisectionists and animal-rights extremists oppose the issue of animal research regardless of the benefits it has or rather purpose to human health. Additionally, we find that the bioscience community does accept the use of animals in research within an ethical framework by the implementation of Animals (scientific procedures) Acts of 1986. From the Act, we find that any animal research that needs to be undertaken must be adequately inspected regarding any harm to the animal which involves detailed inspection and evaluation of experiments and procedures and types and number of animals used in the experiment. These aspects taken into account would lead to ethical practices in animal research as anticipated by the authoritative bodies.




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