Abbotsford Recreation Centre Essay

The Abbotsford Recreation Center is a multipurpose arena located in Abbotsford, British Colombia. The arena is worth $66.2 million and was officially opened on 10 May 2009. By the end of 2016, the arena is expected to be worth $73.7 million, after all, amenities have been constructed.  The centre has been constructed such that it can accommodate close to 7000 people based on the number of seats available. More specifically, the arena has up to three hundred club seats, twenty private suites, two party suites and fifteen boxes. Besides, the capacity for concerts is said to host 8,500 people at the time of its full completion. In addition, the recreation centre has other facilities such as the ice experience skating pound, tots pool, slides, sauna, swirl pool, and an Olympic-size ice sheet.

The communities located in the recreation centre include the Abbotsford that has two art galleries, an accommodation centre, heritage sites and museum and archives. Another community is the Agassiz, who has two Agassiz-Harrison Museum two accommodation facilities namely south garden B&B and Harrison Retreat Inc. The third community is the Chilliwack, who has eight parks in the recreation centre, two outdoors and recreation namely Cheam Centre and Prospera Centre among other facilities. The fourth community is the Delta, who has six parks, two farmers market, one winery and an art gallery.

The recreation facility is at right at the centre of Abbotsford making it very easy to find even for the new guests. Equally, the recreation facility is very interesting considering that it has all recreational games such as the ice skating and other artistic galleries from different communities that captivate. In addition, the centre also has accommodation facilities with the best hospitality for their guests. Considering the spaces that are still available, other indoor sporting activities such as table tennis and the pool billiards could still be included to add more fun.

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