Frequency in a nutshell is just about how often something happens. In advertising context, frequency is the number of times a person is exposed to an advertisement or else the number of times an advertisement is repeated through a certain medium for a specific time period. Advertising is more-or-less of a communication process. Therefore, just as communication, efficiency and effectiveness of advertising processes much depends not just on a single factor but in a number of factors which collectively relate. Consequently, the frequency of marketing should not be the only priority that marketers should always consider for an advertising campaign but there should be a considerate informed balance of more advertising affiliate factors (George & Michael, 2009).

There is actually more to advertising that just the frequency. For instance, what will it benefit a company to repeatedly advertise a product without getting a feedback and evaluating the effectiveness? Higher frequencies of advertising do not necessarily mean that the process is effective and successful. Also the value of the advertising is very important. Often companies have recorded losses in the name of advertising. One question that should never leave the advertisers’ mind, “is this advert worth the value and investment?” (George & Michael, 2009).

The general presentation and aesthetic of the advertisement is as important, considerably more important, than the frequency. A customer may like the product with just a single first sight and may not need a repeat of the same just because of the way it is organized and tailored. In most cases, higher frequencies may easily lead to monotony and a subsequent negative attitude towards the product from the customer. It is therefore very vital for advertisers to consider all the factors, not only the frequency, lest the advertisements hit rock bottom without any profitable returns for the persuasiveness, effectiveness and efficiency of an advertisement not only depends on the frequency but on a number of factors which are equally as important as the frequency (George & Michael, 2009).





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