Change by design chapter 7&8

Chapter seven defines design thinking as an approach that is enhanced by systematic innovation. There are for significant approaches in order to grow according to the chart representation and include creating, managing, adapting and extending (Brown 2009). In this case design thinking is effective when diversification is moved across the matrix on the other hand; collaboration of team work is significant since knowledge is shifted. The chapter also includes that losing focus on design can be easy especially when some urgent needs are introduced and hence require immediate action.

In chapter eight discusses on the concepts of design based on the shifts of the market line. The chapter draws different design elements applied in both complex systems and a larger scales.  Additionally, the chapter discusses the line between the services and products and hence illustrates that there is a significant line shift to the services (Brown 2009). Therefore, it is important to consider that a thorough research is enhanced to the products and considering the aspect of the ecosystem is significant in order to ensure sustainability of the design. This implies that it is significant to consider what people need meaning that comfort style is imperative more than the efficiency of energy.

The readings are related to the experience that I have had in my job since I came to understand that design is all about innovation. As a marketing manager, I came to understand that people love innovation, in terms of new things composed in one element hence making life simple.

According to my field of study change is one of the elements that need to be initiated in an organization. It comes in different approaches and hence, an individual is supposed to be ready for changes. For instance technology is one of the significant principles that have brought a lot of changes. But how can change be enhanced?   Change of design is one of the elements that need to ensure that all individuals are satisfied with the aspects offered.

Technology being one of the main causes of change all over the world, it is imperative for company to consider the special approaches of changing the design of their products and services. Design change is one of the significant solutions that lead to effective customer satisfaction. For instance in chapter seven, Nokia decided to change its products design in different approaches in order to ensure that the customers were satisfied.

This reading illustrates that design is all about innovation. It proposes to the notion of design thinking using effective procedures where by the sensibilities of the designer and the approaches included are able to meet the demands of the people  not only focusing on the viability and feasibility of the business strategies (Brown 2009).  Innovation cannot be enhanced without design therefore; the innovation myth is a significant notion that is enhanced in genius mind. In this case, design thinking is in a position to convert a significant requirement into demands. Design thinking can be termed as a human centered strategy that offers the room to problem solving that organizations and individuals are in a position to become creative and innovative. Therefore innovation is developed from the procedures of examination where by important ideas are retrieved and developed and later analyzed to result to new capabilities or design.







Brown T (2009) Change by design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organization and Inspires Innovation; HarperCollins Publishers



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