United Nations Security Council, ISIS

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS, aka Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, ISIL, aka Daesh is a terrorist group under the leadership of one Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This terror group began as Iraqi affiliate of the Al Qaeda terrorist group but however the two groups had constant conflicts and disagreements prompting ISIS to break away in 2014 and now competes with Al Qaeda for supremacy, recruits and influence. ISIS has become one of the largest, most influential, successful and violent group operating in Iraq and Syria after taking advantage and making fast terror movements in the 2011 civil war that broke in Syria. ISIS engages in executing prisoners of war, enslaving minorities and have raped huge numbers of women and young girls with it brutality and violence extending even to day-to-day roles of governance with criminal penalties in territories under their control including amputations of body parts, stoning, or even crucifixion (Sekulow, 2014).

ISIS can be traced to the turmoil that came after the invasion of Iraq that was led by the United States in 2003. Sunni militants and fighters came up in dozens after the invasion and soon after in a period of one year the focus was shifted from fighting against the western invaders to management of sectarian rivalries. Although the overwhelming majority of the Muslims over the world see the version of ISIS as repulsive, ISIS is on the brutal mission to set up what they refer to as ‘pure’ Islamic state painting the world in black and white with them or against them (Weiss & Hassan, 2015).

Just like Al Qaeda, ISIS adopts a very brutal and violent hardline version of Islam believe that the embrace to justify their acts of terror against civilians. The group has sworn confirmed responsibility of serial killings over and around the world mostly against Muslims in Iraq and Syria. The ISIS group strongly believes that the world is headed to a fierce battle between Muslims and non-Muslims though not many who fight with ISIS carry the same believe but do so out of desperation, coercion, economic necessity or even misled sense of adventure. However, many foreigners who have joined and are joining ISIS borrow and hold on the twisted and biased interpretation of Islam as tailor-made by the group thus threatening the international peace through bomb and grenade attacks and formation of an anti-non-Muslims Islamic state (Stakelbeck, 2015).

The ISIS has greatly engaged in major attacks. The group claimed responsibility for Paris attacks which claimed 129 lives and injured more than 350. Statistically, the group has made fifty  one attacks directly since 2014 and still counting with forty of those attacks taking  place in the middle east and six taking place in the west. In Egypt, on the 29nth of January 2015, the group claimed responsibility of bombings that killed twenty more than forty lives. In February, the group claimed responsibility of killing forty people in Libya and had another attack in Tunisia claiming more than twenty lives again. Another major attack by the group was in Yemen where the group killed more than 130 people through suicide strikes on Zaydi Shiite mosques. In turkey, the group claimed responsibility of killing more than 30 people at a cultural center July 2015. The group has really claimed responsibility of many suicide bombing and attacks on civilians across the world (Beck, 2015)

Paris was attacked on the 13nth of November 2015, attacks which were made and coordinated by ISIS. Form 21:20 CET, suicide bombers struck in Saint-Denis near stade de France and were followed by suicide bombings and massive shootings in motels and hotels, restaurants and clubs in Paris. These were the fatal attacks in France ever made after the World War II killing more than 130 people and injured more than 350 others with seven of the attackers also dying (Tranton, 2015).

To combat more attacks from ISIS, the UN Security Council has come out clearly and informed people to stand out against the terror group. The United Nations Security Council has therefore staged a campaign against ISIS pushing for bombing campaign for the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria. This has led to a U.S military coalition that fights against the ISIS bombing and killing the terrorist and also cutting down their networks. The United Nations and other collaborating states has therefore stated and engaged in defeating the ISIS and stressed that the intolerance, violence and hatred that the group practices must be completely fought out, head and toe (Sekulow, 2014).





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