Road construction in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Despite the huge spending by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in infrastructure development such as the construction of bridges and roads the roads are still in poor condition. The reason for poor infrastructure condition in the country is as a result of poor policies implementation. The poor implementation of strategies in the infrastructure development has been as a result of employment of unqualified engineers, untrained laborers, inadequate engineers, inappropriate supervision and lack of practical and experienced government leadership (Khan, 2015). According to Carlin 2015, road construction in the Saudi Arabia Kingdom must be formulated in a manner which attains the performance standards in both climate and load conditions. In order for the road to be termed to be of high quality after construction they must be in position to resist high temperatures, crack, damage and stress due to low temperatures in winter (Carlin, 2013). Since the weather condition is so severe in the country there is need for the road and rail industry to establish technical support through the establishment of complex laboratories and qualified constructors who would be in position to implement the Total Quality Management strategies in the construction processes.


The topic of infrastructure construction in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is of great importance because it unveils the areas of constructions which need to be upgraded (Joy, 2011).  Despite the country having enough capital to construct high quality infrastructure, lack of appropriate supervision, management and inappropriate skills in the country has been the main source of poor infrastructure condition. The infrastructure development is worth doing in the country because it will expand the regions economic, socially and politically (Martin, 2011). Infrastructure re-construction matters in the region matters because it is the backbone of all other sectors in the country. The infrastructure development also determines both the cost and the standards of living of the community.

Thesis statement

The aim of the research is to establish the driving forces towards poor infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the policies which needs to be implemented in order to change the situation

Research questions

To examine the current situation of infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.?

To find out the contributing factors towards the current situation of infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.?

To establish the policies which need to be adopted and implement in order to change the current condition of infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.?



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