My first community event was just after mu high school graduation. The event included a bone fire and a story telling evening that extended to late hours in the night. The event was just hosted in my neighborhood White City Adventure Playground being a residence of West London. Being a West London Zone’s biggest community event it drew an attendance of 120 people as invited and organized by West London Zone’s employees. Guardians, teenagers and even children surrounded the bon fire as they ate their food, watched shows, told and heard comedy stories thanks to jack, a comedian, Shaniz, the best event mover have met so far, and Azariah, a fast food and roast-meat chef.

In person, I chose this event for I really felt it would give me the social; advantage I have always yearned and wished for;  a chance to mingle and socialize with different people from different originalities and more so gender having spent all my high school years in a boarding boys’ school. in addition, having some fun on my own out of the watch of my parents who could not let me walk a step out of their sight was such fun and a feeling of responsibility and growth.

One insight that caught my mind was out of a discussion that ensued in a sub-group that I evident as it was on ground, gender equality was still an issued as even in the event men seemed to dominate the chances and roles all through the event. The few women in the event where somewhat marginalized and discriminated for roles, funny enough, including the event organizing crew which averaged more than two thirds men. Though all went well and seemed like just its normal and natural for men to dominate, I still remain curious to know whether women can also achieve that edge in comedy and event organization for am someone who believes in equality. This prompts me to attend more of such events in order to find an answer to how good are men in event organization and comedy that women cannot match them.

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