Little Red cap

I always find it quite mesmerizing when I evaluate some of the traits against the   traits of the little girl “Little Red cap” {LRC} of 1812. My honest definition of this story is an interesting, realistic and amazing tale that conclusively resembles my childhood. Just like the protagonist in this tale, my childhood ages saw me rely exclusively on the guidance of my parents in making basic decisions. As i grew up from the childhood age, i have to offer my confession that this tale keep growing even in to a bigger and realistic story.  From the childhood perspective, obedience was the most important trait advocated for by my parents. As i gradually developed, religion and spirituality came in as core life ingredients. Surprisingly, this tale has been developed in a similar way.

From my aboriginal background, the “Little Red Cap” is quite a significant tale applied for teaching obedience among the tender ones. There are numerous authors who develop their tales using different writing styles. However, the most important thing is to establish the unique, message that each tale offers.  It is under this basis that i am proud and thankful to the good job you did in developing the theme of obedience in particular in “Little Red cap”.



The message of obedience is quite auspicious and definite in this tale such that every reader who comes across this story has to come out with obedience as the prime trait of the tale without necessary needing the aid of a literature specialist to fathom the primary goal of the  tale. “Listen, Little Red Cap, have you not seen the beautiful flowers…  go and take a look”. The protagonist at this point goes against the fundamental teachings of obedience taught by the parents by falling in to the cunning trap of the wolf.

The wolf represents the cunning agents of the evil seeking to divert the naive and gullible from adhering to the basic morals. Take for instance the role of the wolf in this tale.  Using his cunning nature he confuses the girl to answer lots of unnecessary questions. She unknowingly opens up to the cunning wolf and at some point makes me quite afraid. From an honest confession, i cannot compare myself to the girl at this particular point. I have always regarded my parents and my elementary teachers as the absolute guardian angels in my life and hence cannot share the life secrets they teach me to anyone whatsoever.

It is now certain that disobedience is the genesis of unfortunate happenings and suffering in one’s life. From the teaching acquired from my parents and elementary teacher to the core theme of obedience in your tale, i can confidently associate with the experience acquired from my tender ages.  The metaphorical way of developing your story keeps the validity of the story even in my adult age. It is more of progressively written tale that changes its teaching according to age and lifestyle changes.  Jesus Christ is my modern day Huntsman and gives me the mercies, pardon and faith to pursue my dreams by forgiving me of my sins.  I hereby pass my unequivocal gratitude to you for equipping me with the  perfect formula of survival in the  modern world as well as giving me an opportunity to relate with my past.



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