Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Healthcare

The United States health care system is currently facing complex challenges which necessitate reforms. The attention has mainly been focused on the uninsured Americans and insured Americans who are facing high insurance premiums. Basically, reforming of the American health care systems would be a major step towards improvement of value and quality of care. The reforms would address the escalating aspects of high costs, increased number of unsecured Americans and poor quality.

The health care reforms would lead to improved access of the right health care at the right settings and time (Edward, 2013).  The reform would keep the Americans healthy, avoid illness complication and prevent systems mishaps during the process of treatment (Jason, 2010). Constructive reforms in health care system would support accessible and improved health care which is in contrast with the current health care systems which encourages more treatments, procedures and tests which are wasteful and harmful. The role of this work is to illustrate the need of Improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare in America.

There has been increased debate in regard to the ability of different delivery system reforms in the health care sector in order to increase value. In United States, there have been various approaches towards the reforms in order to slow cost growth and improve health (Sandra, 2014). The reforms in health information, primary care coordination and chronic disease management are the specific approaches which may improve health outcomes and quality. Integration of particular interventions in clinical areas in attempt to improve the quality of treatment and contain cost will be of great importance.

Delivery system reforms in health care systems should be adopted for real accountability for the patients and providers in order to improve the results. Coverage expansion should be implemented in the health care systems as a means of improving quality of the services provided and ensuring quality health care system (Lidia, 2011). As a future recommendation, the systems and processes in health care systems should be reformed altogether in order to ensure accessibility, affordability and reduce costs of treatment altogether.


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