Cultural Diversity and Concept

The paper is to give a discussion on the study titled “Working with culture: culturally mental health care for Asian Americans”. The objective of the study is to give a description on how mental healthcare providers adapted their practice to address the Asian Americans unique needs.

As we can note the increasing number of ethnic minorities and multicultural patients, it is of more significance for health practitioners to acquire cultural competency as an essential skill in their provision of services. From the study, there are three characteristics of culturally appropriate care for Asian identified and these includes cultural brokering. For the case of brokering health providers addressed aspects stemming from cultural differences through bicultural skills education. We find that the Asian Americans received a broader education than the recommended literature currently.

The other characteristics articulated from the study is supporting families in transition in that health providers gave essential assistance to Asian American families during their transition to and from professional care. The third characteristics are the use of cultural knowledge for the enhancement of competent care. The health practitioners’ knowledge of Asian culture and attitude flexibility contributes immensely to the provision of their services in that it enhances proficiency in most of the institutions.

Additionally, from the study, we get to understand that providers who are culturally competent can identify cultural issues relevant to the current situation hence an incorporated cultural solution into the provided care.




From the study, it is of more significance for health providers especially in San Francisco where the population of the Asian American population has grown to almost approximately 33% of the population to take heed of culturally appropriate care. Taking heed of culturally appropriate care prepares nurses to handle complex practices hence, it is of much significance.




Work Cited

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